ACTÍVA Starter Bundle: Sculpting Art Materials

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ACTÍVA® Starter Bundle: Sculpting Art Materials

A handpicked assortment of our most popular sculpting materials to help get you started creating your next project!

This bundle of (3) sculpting and handicraft materials offers a well-rounded, versatile selection of creative manipulatives perfect for modelling, texturing, structuring, fine detail, etc. Artistic design mediums include: instant papier mâché, plaster cloth strips, and air dry clay.  


Rigid Wrap® Plaster Cloth Roll

Rigid Wrap™ Plaster Cloth White
4-in x 180-in Roll

A premium quality plaster gauze that's ready-to-activate with water. Cut off desired strip size, moisten, and sculpt! 

Rigid Wrap® Plaster Cloth Tips & Techniques Sheet

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CelluClay® Instant Paper Mâché

CelluClay® Instant Paper Mâché Gray
1 lb (454 g)

Super fine, instant papier mâché formula makes this incredibly versatile and an artists preferred material to sculpt, texture model projects. 

CelluClay® Instant Paper Mâché Instructions
CelluClay® Instant Paper Mâché Technique Sheet

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Activ-Clay™ Air Drying Clay, 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)

Activ-Clay™ Air Drying ClayWhite
1.1 lb (500 g)

Perfect for all levels of sculptors as it allows for many clay sculpting techniques from hand building to throwing. Accepts a wide variety of finishes.

Activ-Clay™ Air Drying Clay Tips & Techniques Sheet

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Product Specifications

Image SKU Item Net Wt
#231 ACTÍVA® Rigid Wrap™ Plaster Cloth Roll
Quantity: 1
Size: 4-in (w) x 180-in (l)
8 oz (227 g)
#100 ACTÍVA® CelluClay® Instant Paper Mâché
Quantity: 1
Color: Gray
1 lb (454 g)
#160 ACTÍVA® Activ-Clay™ Air Dry Clay
Quantity: 1
Color: White
1.1 lb (500 g)

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