ACTÍVA Products understands the impact bloggers have on consumers and trends in the marketplace. Because of that, we are looking for talented bloggers to become part of our team! If you are accepted as an ACTÍVA Ambassador, you will be able to request free product for use in your blog posts, have first dibs on sponsored posts for the ACTÍVA website and/or your blog, and learn about other promotional opportunities before they are made available to others.

We are looking for creative bloggers with a passion for crafting, decorating, DIY'ing, entertaining, and/or childhood education. Applicants should have been blogging for at least six months, have excellent writing skills, good photography skills (bright, well-composed, sharp images), and an active social media presence.

If that sounds like you and you enjoy working with materials that include clay (air dry, polymer, and/or kiln fired), colored sands, paper mache, floral materials, and more, we would love to have you apply to be part of our Ambassador Program!
Please fill out this form to apply. We thank you for your interest and will be in touch after we have reviewed your application! This is the official ACTÍVA Ambassador logo and blog button.