Casting and Mold Making Materials

All ACTÍVA Products are 100% Wheat & Gluten Free, Non-Toxic & Non-Carcinogenic

We offer a wide selection of mold-making and casting materials, which allow you to easily make a mold and then cast one or more finished products from the mold.
InstaMold allows for making a cast of a solid object in 3D. InstaMold is safe to use for body casting and will replicate your object of choice perfectly.
PermaStone is a durable casting compound as it acts like plaster but dries like stone. PermaStone can be painted if required.
Li-Qua-Che is designed to be used with plaster molds and will replicate fine detail and harden to a break-resistant finish as it air drys.
Art Plaster is a fast setting plaster, which is ideal for reproduction casting.
Plaster Molds are high quality molds made by Petro Mold Company. They are available in a wide variety of shapes.