ArtPlaster™ Professional Casting Plaster 5 lb (2.27 kg)

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ArtPlaster™ Premium Casting Plaster

ACTIVA made in USA

A premium quality casting plaster that makes perfect reproductions of any object within minutes and is an excellent medium for casting decorative figurines in molds. Create craft projects such as wall plaques, candle bases, bookends, lamp bases, figurines, etc.

This strong, self-hardening clay is perfect for all levels of sculptors, as it allows for many clay sculpting techniques from hand building to throwing, and accepts a wide variety of finishes.

ArtPlaster™ sets up in thirty minutes and is microwaveable or will air dry. Once dry, it can be painted and finished. ArtPlaster™ is certified non-toxic and ACMI approved.

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Plaster Cloth, Artplaster & Colored Sand are used to make Dinosaur fossils on Hands On Crafts for Kids


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PermaStone™ Casting Compound 28 oz (794 g) 225 ACTÍVA® ArtPlaster™ Professional Casting Plaster
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Size: 5 lb (2.3 kg)


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