Air Dry Clay - A Selection of Air Drying Clays

All ACTÍVA Air Dry Clay Products are 100% Wheat & Gluten Free, Non-Toxic & Non-Carcinogenic

Air Dry Clay is wonderful for making almost anything, and no kiln is needed to achieve beautiful results! 
Activ-Clay - dense, durable, responsive and air-drying; what more could you ask for in an ideal air dry clay?
Hearty Clay - a lightweight, acid free clay that air dries in 24 hours.  It reproduces the finest detail and can be used with die cut machines.
LaDoll Clay - a world renowned, general purpose clay that provides an ultra smooth finish once it air dries. Mold, sculpt stamp or carve; LaDoll is the perfect air dry clay for any fine detail work.
Modena Soft - soft, flexible, and 50% lighter than Modena Clay.  It is virtually unbreakable and waterproof after drying.  The clay color is white like ceramic, and is like porcelain when finished with a sealer or super gloss varnish.
Premier Clay - an advanced formula stone clay created much like La Doll, but with a finer body allowing for greater detail, exceptional strength, ultra-lightweight pieces, and an incredible bright white finish.

For more information on all of these air dry clay brands, please view our Air Dry Clay Differences document.