Hearty® Soft Extra Pliable/Feather Texture Modeling Clay, White, 200 g

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Hearty Soft is designed as an advanced formula for professional use with elasticity and strength. It is much finer and more flexible. It can be rolled out extremely thin. Perfect for making flowers, sweets & deco, miniature food, accessories, and other craft projects.

No kneading is necessary. Hearty® Clay allows for all water-based paints to be applied before the clay dries. Chalks, embossed powders, and other dry agents are best applied when your project is dry.

Why Customers Love It:

  • A super, ultra-light weight, flexible polymer air dry clay; very easy to work with and exceptionally versatile for professional results: a bright pure white
  • Great for intricate, detailed and delicate work; jewelry making, flowers, miniatures, dolls and embellishments. Works great with all push molds
  • Odorless
  • Gluten-free, acid-free.

Ideal For:

  • Fine artists, sculptors, and mixed media artists
  • Educators and art teachers
  • Hobbyists and crafters


  • 7 oz (200 g); Sold individually or 6 per case
  • Shrinkage:5.5%
  • Certified non-toxic by ACMI
  • Compliant with CPSIA Standards


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