New Tan Stoneware Clay

ACTÍVA® Blackjack Tan Stoneware Clay is a blend of several natural clays and minerals formulated for a wide range of use cases. The unique process of blending and wet screening results in a clay that has a silky-smooth texture with great plasticity. Excellent for throwing on a potter’s wheel, hand building, slab rolling, sculpting, or modeling. Fire in a kiln from cone 6 – cone 8. Great for beginners as well as professional potters.


Firing range: Cone 6-8 (2269ºF - 2320ºF)
Moisture content: 17-19%
Firing shrinkage at Cone 6: 8.0%
Porosity (water absorption at Cone 6): 12.0%
Texture: Smooth
Wet color: Milk chocolate brown
Firing color: Tan