Quick-Casting Kit™ with InstaMold™ & PermaStone™

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Instant Mold-Making and Plaster Casting Kit

ACTÍVA® Quick-Casting Kit™ with InstaMold™ & PermaStone™ is just what you need to create perfect replicas of almost any object!

Simply mix the InstaMold temporary mold-making compound with water using an enclosed stir stick, and create a mold of any object.  Then, mix the PermaStone casting plaster with an enclosed stir stick and pour into the mold.  Once hardened, remove the casted object from the mold and discard waste in the trash.  It's so easy to create replicas for sculpture, card making, jewelry design, furniture and home decor embellishments, and more!  Or, use the kit to create keepsake projects like 3D handprints or 3D hand sculptures.

ACTÍVA® Quick-Casting Kit™ with InstaMold™ & PermaStone™ includes:

  • 18 oz (510 g) InstaMold™ Flexible Mold-Making Compound
  • 28 oz (793 g) PermaStone™ Casting Compound
  • 2 - Stir Sticks
  • 1 - Bucket for mixing

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How to Use the Quick-Casting Kit for Mold-Making and Replicating Any Object!


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