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Air dry clay project to make a ring

Spring is here and what could be more fun than creating a one of a kind

bird nest ring!!

lumina clay and materials for air dry clay project

Materials needed:

Lumina air dry clay

Glue – E6000 and Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Mod Podge

Garlic press

Disposable gloves

Acrylic Paints in metallic gold, rusted pipe and gilded oak


Silver adjustable ring with 18 mm pad

3 turquoise beads – 8mm

Paint brush

Wax paper

Use wax paper to protect your work surface. Begin making the bird nest by

pinching off a piece of clay the size of a walnut. Divide the clay in half.

With plastic gloves on, begin blending the gilded oak acrylic paint into one

of the balls of clay. Use the Q-tip to dab the paint on the clay.

air dry clay color gold

Set this aside. Blend the rusted pipe acrylic paint into the clay.

how to color air dry clay

Twist these two balls of clay together and then press through the garlic press.

how to work with air drying clay mix colors

You might have to keep opening the garlic press up and shoving the clay in to

make the strands longer.

press clay through a garlic press for strands

Take a small pat of clay and roll into a ball. Press this flat with your fingers to

make the base of the bird nest. Begin twisting three strands of clay together

and wind around the circle. To adhere the strands to the base slightly moisten

this with your fingers. With the Aleene’s glue, glue the three beads in the center

to look like bird eggs.

glue the self hardening clay

Set this aside and let dry. With the metallic gold acrylic paint, dry brush over

the edges of the bird nest. Let dry. Brush ModPodge over this to seal the clay

and protect the beads. Use E6000 to glue the bird nest to the adjustable ring form.

make an air dry clay ring

Let this dry. Now you are ready to enjoy your beautiful bird nest ring! I am

imagining so many different ways to use this art piece. Happy Spring!!

rings made with lumina air dry clay

Artwork and Photography by Karen Lowrey

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