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Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Sweetheart Deal!
Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Sweetheart Deal!

Surfboard Trophy - Designed by Lisa Fulmer for ACTIVA Products


Air Dry Clay, Craft Tutorials

ACTÍVA Products

Surf’s up - time to hang ten, dude! A surfboard is an iconic

symbol of summer fun at the beach. If you aren’t lucky enough

to be one of the Hollywood celebrities who get their own surfboard

trophies from the annual Teen Choice Awards, you can have a blast

making your own miniature surfboard trophy with ACTIVA Air-Dry Clay.

Stand your surfboard up on your desk or bookshelf so you’ll feel like you’re

riding those waves all year long…and no wipe-outs!

ACTIVA Plus Air-Dry Clay
• Non-stick work mat
• Wood skewer, palette knife, water mister bottle
• Rolling pin
• Texture/pattern tools (rubber stamps, silicon honeycomb hot pad)
• Acrylic paints
• Gloss sealer medium
• Paint brush, cosmetic sponge
E-6000 (heavy-duty craft glue)
• Cardboard, pencil, scissors, fine-grit sanding block
• Baby wipes, plastic bag


1. Draw or trace a surfboard shape (approx. 10” tall) on cardboard and cut out.

2. Roll out clay to approx. 3/8” thick, place the cardboard template on top and cut the surfboard from the clay with a skewer or palette knife. Cut out two identical tall, triangular “fins” from the excess clay. Trim the bottom of each fin at about an 80° angle to allow the surfboard to lay back just slightly when standing.Smooth all the edges with your dampened finger.
3. Keep the excess clay moist by placing it in between baby wipes or inside a plastic bag.

air dry clay air drying clay

4. Press an all-over pattern into the surfboard with a silicone honeycomb hot pad or a damp rubber stamp.

5. Roll out excess clay again to approx. 3/16” thick and cut out small accent shapes. Press patterns into the shapes as desired.

6. Dampen the back sides of each accent and gently press them into position on the surfboard.

7. Leave all the pieces laying flat to dry for at least 24 hours, until the clay is no longer cool to the touch. To add a slight curve to the tip of your surfboard, slide a folded piece of cardstock underneath it while it dries.

8. Paint all three pieces with a base coat of blue and let dry. Tap some random white clouds into the blue with a cosmetic sponge (blot off excess paint first).

air dry clay project

9. Cover the accent pieces with a coat of white, then paint a second coat with

desired colors like yellow, teal and orange. Keep baby wipes handy to quickly

wipe away any paint that “goes outside the lines.” Tap a little extra yellow into

the background of the surfboard to give it an airbrush effect.

air drying clay

Air Dry Clay surfboard Project

10. When the paint is dry, brush 1-2 coats of a gloss sealer medium over

the top and sides; let dry.

11. Gently sand the tall edges of each fin as needed to sit flush against the

back of the surfboard, then glue in place. Hold for a few minutes with your

hands until glue sets. Lay the surfboard down on a surface with the curved

end hanging off, so the surfboard is completely flat while the glue dries for a few hours.

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