3D Handprint Craft with Instamold and Permastone


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Give Dad an extra special gift this Father's Day! Have your kids make him a 3D Handprint! You'll take the typical handprint craft to the next level with this fun project. Watch the video below to see how it's done, and find a complete supply list and tips below the video on this page.

Supplies Needed:





Plastic Fork or Spoon

Plastic container or cake pan

Acrylic paint and paintbrush

Paint pen

Optional: paper towels


- Keep paper towels nearby.

- Do not wash Instamold or Permastone down the drain. Clear as much excess product into a trash can as possible prior to washing hands and equipment.

- Do not spread Permastone to the edge of the mold or container holding the mold. This will make it more difficult to remove the hardened handprint from the mold and could cause cracking.

- Permastone and Instamold are available in our online store!

Make dad a unique 3D handprint craft for Father's Day! He'll love this special Father's Day gift that your kids will have fun making!