Rigid Wrap™ Plaster Cloth 4-in X 180-in Roll

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Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth, 4-inch x 180-inch (15-ft) Roll

ACTÍVA® Rigid Wrap™ Plaster Cloth is premium quality plaster of paris impregnated gauze bandage made for artists and hobbyists. Consistent, even-textured quality from roll to roll, every time.

Plaster cloth (also known as plaster of paris tape, gauze, plaster bandage) is popularly used in strips to design and strengthen creations. Ideal as a general use sculpting medium for art and craft projects - masks, jewelry, home décor, props, volcanoes for school science fairs.

ACTÍVA® Rigid Wrap™ Plaster Cloth activates easily by dipping in water, sets quickly (in 5 minutes) and is reliably durable and paintable within just 30 minutes. See the Helpful Information links below for more details.

This single project-size of Rigid Wrap is wonderful for smaller sculpture projects.  Each roll of Rigid Wrap is individually wrapped for longer life and cleaner storage, and can be used by all skill levels from beginners to experts to create extremely exciting craft projects. It is non-toxic and accepts all finishes, and can create quick dry microwave art projects in under 30 minutes, including drying time!

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Product Specifications

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231 ACTÍVA® Rigid Wrap™ Plaster Cloth Roll
Quantity: 1
Size: 4-in (w) x 180-in (l)
5 ft2 1 lb


For More Helpful Information, Visit These Links:

Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth Tips & Techniques Sheet

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