Air Dry Clay Beads ~ Designed by Carolyn Stearns


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Activ-Clay Friendship Beads

Skill level: 1
Time: About an hour depending on the size of the beads


ACTIVA White Activ-Clay (The number of children in the class will determine the amount of clay
you will need, a 1 pound package cut in 24 pieces (cut down the center lengthwise, then 12 cuts
width wise approx ½” apart, this will allow each child to make 5-6 beads depending on the size of the bead.
Plastic lacing
Key ring
Round toothpick
Acrylic paint- note to teacher, any colors are fine, spread the colors around the table.
Paint brush
Water basin
Paper towels

1. Pinch of ½” pieces of clay and shape them into squares, circles, ovals, hearts or
whatever shape you like.

2. Use the round toothpick to make a hole through each bead, make sure you twirl
the toothpick around on the inside so that the hole is big enough for the lacing.
3. When the beads are dry, (speed the drying process with a fan or hair dryer if
necessary) paint with the acrylic paint. Dots are made with the round end of a
paint brush.
4. Trade beads with all the kids in the class then string on lacing, make a key chain,
bracelet or necklace.

Project Designer: Carolyn Stearns