Herb Saver Using Blackjack Clay ~ Designed by Karen Lowrey


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stoneware clay project

Who doesn’t like fresh herbs all year round? You can create

this clay herb saver to keep those savory herbs fresh and

beautifully displayed! Wouldn’t this be cute at a wedding

reception with fresh flowers as well?

Materials needed:

  • ½ lb of Blackjack Clay
  • ACTÍVA Product’s Clay Roller kit
  • Cotton sheeting cut into a 8” x 8” square
  • Small cup of water
  • Wooden skewer
  • Lace appliqué for texture
  • Cookie cutter
  • Mason jar
  • Access to a kiln
  • Stoneware glaze

Begin by cutting a thin slab of clay off of the block of Blackjack clay. You can use a cutting wire made of fishing line and two thin dowels that have a small hole drilled in each. Try to make the thickness uniform so that you won’t have to roll the clay out too much.

kiln fired clay

Using the 1/4” slats on the rolling kit; roll the clay out until the rolling pin rest on the side slats.

how to fire clay
Place the lace appliqué on top of the clay and use the rolling pin to press the texture in. Make sure to keep the rolling pin on the side slats to ensure even thickness.

imprint clay

blackjack stoneware clay

imprint pottery

After you have the texture rolled in, cut out the herb saver with a scalloped cookie cutter that is 4” wide. The mouth of the mason jar is 2 ½ “ wide so that leaves plenty of overhang.cookie cutter clay

where to buy stoneware clay

Take your finger and dip it into some water and smooth the edges of your project.

clay herb saver project

Now flip the clay over carefully as not to distort the shape. Press the mouth of the mason jar into the clay lightly to show where to place a coil of clay. This will help the herb saver fit snuggly over the mouth of the jar.

what temperature is stoneware clay fired at
Roll out a coil of clay and with a skewer score both the impressed ring and the coil. Lightly dampen both the coil and the impressed ring in the clay cut out. Make sure the coil is inside the impressed ring. The clay will shrink some but you still want it to fit properly.where can i buy stoneware clay

pottery project

Smooth the coil on and connect the two ends by scoring and slipping once again. Make sure the coil is pressed firmly onto the cut out.

pottery clay
Lastly, take a straw and bore holes into the inside ring of the herb saver. Think about how thick the herb stems will be so that you can adjust the hole size if needed.

modeling pottery clay
Let your clay project dry completely. Then this piece should be bisque fired to at least 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. When cooled, apply a stoneware glaze according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the holes are clean from glaze and that the bottom coil is sponged clean before firing. Fire to recommended temperature by glaze manufacturer.

Artwork and photography by Karen Lowrey

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