Day of the Dead Skull using FastMache


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Turn this Dollar-Store skull into something magical with FastMache!

Skull day of the dead fast Mache

FastMache from ACTÍVA Productsdollar store craft make a day of the dead skull

Plastic skull head (armature)

White acrylic Apple Barrel paint

Permapaque markers from Sakura of America

Krylon clear gloss spray

Sparkle Mod Podge

Flatback gems

Multi-purpose adhesive

Read all instructions first.

Mix FastMache according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pat the clay onto the skull and smooth out with wet fingers, building up areas where you want to change the structure of the skull (i.e. cheeks, eye sockets and so on). Know that the thicker the clay, the longer it takes to dry though so if you want to build it up a lot, it’s best to adhere crumpled paper to the skull first and build over top of that with the FastMache.

paper mache clay skull project

Also, you can work in sections letting it dry in between layers because the FastMache will stick to itself.

Set the skull to dry in the sun or by a radiator to speed up the dry time.

Paint with white acrylic paint.

day of the dead sugar skull decorate skull day of dead

Doodle all over the skull with colorful markers and outline the shapes in black.

Seal with Krylon gloss spray.

skull paper mache day of dead

Add a coat of sparkle by brushing on Sparkle Mod Podge.

skull craft project

Use the multi-purpose adhesive to adhere the gems.

sugar skull project crafts

day of the dead skull skull for day of the dead craft

Designed by Candie Cooper

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