Premier Polymer Air Dry Clay ~ Jessica Madaglia's Bright Spirits Ornaments

polymer clay creation


Vintage (or new) large Christmas bulbs
Glue (clear drying)
styrofoam balls (optional)
Craft paints
small eye hooks for hangers
glitter (clear or iridescent)
Create a ball from the clay which becomes the head of the snowman or use the foam ball and cover with the clay (uses less of your precious clay). Glue to the metal screw part of the bulb after making a hole to fit on the ornament. Also create tiny clay balls which you flatten for the cheeks and a carrot shape for the nose. I would paint these before applying to the face you can use your fingers or a brush. Allow to dry thoroughly.
light bulbs to cover with clay air drying clay project snowman
Glue the cheeks and carrot nose to the face, paint his eyes and mouth by dipping the wooden end of a paint brush in black paint for the dots of 'coal'. After dry, cover the entire ball in a clear drying glue and then glitter.
clay snowman face
Embellish with gems, tinsel, berries, glitters and whatever you choose! Pick your colors to mix and match or to give as gifts. Add to packages and gift tags.

premier polymer sir drying clay ornament