Fast Mache Christmas Tree Napkin Rings Designed By Lyneen Jesse


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plaster cloth and paper mache clay napkin ring

First, I have been working with ACTÍVA Fast Mache. I have decided to make napkin rings for my Christmas dinner table! I will be using candy molds purchased for crafting. I will be pressing the Fast Mache into the mold. Fast Mache is a fast drying instant paper mache and perfect for projects that you don't have days to wait to dry.

Fast mache supplies

ACTÍVA Fast Mache
Container for water
Plastic bag
Paper towels
Craft mat - protect the table

To finish: Dew Drops, Glitter, Paint

There are several recipes for mixing ACTÍVA Fast Mache, per instructions for pressing in molds I used 3 parts Fast Mache to 1 part water. Pour the ingredients directly into a plastic bag and mix well.

mixing fast mache paper clay

Dust the candy mold lightly with corn starch, tap out the excess.

molds for paper mache clay

Work the Fast Mache mixture into the mold, set aside to dry. Once dry gesso and paint, then decorate!!! Can't wait to show them to you!

molds used for project

With ridge wrap I made the rings for my napkin rings on the tube from a paper towel roll.

I wrapped the tube of the paper towel roll with plastic wrap.

When they had set, the plastic wrap slid off the roll easily and the plastic wrap

released from the ring without sticking.

napkin ring holders

Wet Ridge Wrap thoroughly in the bowl of warm water, remove excess water.

Wrap around the tube overlapping each ring twice to create a thicker ring.

When applying, rub the Ridge Wrap to help close the plaster holes in the wrap.

how to use rigid wrap plaster cloth

Set aside to dry!!!!

Paint the inside and out with Gesso and dry.

plaster gauze raft napkin rings

Apply a gel medium on the inside and out, dry. Apply a second layer of gel medium to the outside of the ring only and sprinkle with Glitter, dry.
painting plaster cloth

Over the Glitter apply a thick layer of gel medium to seal the glitter on the ring (don't want any glitter on the plates or in the food). At first it will look like you have ruined the glitter...

rigid wrap napkin rings

Let the last layer of gel medium dry thoroughly

After the trees have set over night, release them from the candy mold, they still will be

damp and needed to complete drying.

Drying fast mache

While they were slightly damp, use an emery board to gently sand the edges

removing any rough edges.

decorating paper mache clay

Once completely dried and sanded, prime the trees with Gesso.

painting the clay

Paint the trees green... I didn't have green paint, so I mixed a blue and

yellow from my Art Anthology Acrylic Paints.

finishing fast mache tutorial

Add snow to the trees with a snow marker and heat gun!

rigid wrap and fast mache napkin rings put together

While waiting for the rings to dry, add Dew Drops to the trees.

finished plaster cloth and paper clay project

Glue the trees to the rings and dry.

Hope you are inspired to create Christmas décor for your table!

finished napkin rings craft project tutorial