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Gingerbread Man Jewelry Set by Katie King of


Air Dry Clay, Craft Tutorials, Activ-Clay, Clay Roller Kit

ACTÍVA Products

clay jewelry project

1 LB Package of Natural ACTIV Clay - Air Dry Clay
Clay Roller Kit
Mini Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter
2 Jump Rings
Ring Blank

clay roller kit and Actic clay

Please refer to the above list for all the supplies used in this project. With that

being said, I did want to take some time to talk about two products that I'm using,

which you may not know about. Those two products are ACTÍVA Product's air dry clay

and clay roller kit. Both of these products are really great to use if you have never

worked with clay before. For example, ACTÍVA's air dry clay does not need to be

baked in the oven and dries (completely) after 24 hours. The clay itself, also comes

in variety of colors like terracotta, white and natural. However in this project, I am

using the natural. Now the clay roller kit that I'm using, is a nice starter kit if you

don't have any clay tools. In the kit you get a rolling board, roller and 4 sets of ''rails''.

These ''rails'' are used to help control the thickness of the clay and are put into each

side of the rolling board. Even though these particular products are not ''necessary''

to make this project, they do help make the DIY process much easier! So it's just

helpful information to consider before you begin the project!

If you're using the Clay Roller Kit by ACTÍVA Products, grab your rails in the

thickness of 1/8 inches and put them into each side of your clay roller. This

will help to insure that your clay's thickness is 1/8 inches. Once the rails have

been put in, roll your clay until you have a nice ''slab''. On a side note, the nice

thing about using ACTIV air dry clay, is that no kneading is involved! You can

just grab the amount of clay that you need and then jump into your project.

rolling clay on the clay roller kit

Once your clay has been rolled out, grab your cookie cutter and begin cutting

out your gingerbread men! For this project you will only need 2 gingerbread men,

but I would cut out a few more encase you don't like how they dry.

cookie cut the air drying clay

After you cut out your gingerbread men, grab your awl and poke a small hole

at the top of some of your gingerbread men's heads. By doing this, we are

creating a way to attach our gingerbread men to our chain later. Once you

have created your holes, set your gingerbread men aside to air dry for 24 hours.

make a hole in the self hardening clay

When your gingerbread men have completely air dried, you're ready to paint them!

Paint your gingerbread men (front and back) however you want, then set them aside to dry.

painting the clay ginger bread men

When the paint on your gingerbread men are dry, you're ready to turn them into jewelry!

To make a ring, all you need to do is flip one of your gingerbread men over and glue

(using your E6000) a ring blank to its back. Then set your ring aside to dry.

Now to make your necklace, first grab a gingerbread man with a hole at the top

and attach a jump ring.

e6000 glue for craft project

Take your jewelry chain and cut it to the length you want your necklace to be.

My necklace ended up being 12 inches long which means you would want

24 inches of jewelry chain. Then at one end of your chain attach your clasp

and at the other end, a jump ring.

making necklace with clay

Now open up the jump ring that is attach to your gingerbread man and attach

it to your chain.

chain for necklace

When your gingerbread man ring is dry and your necklace is all put together,

then you're ready to wear your new set of gingerbread men jewelry!

Besides this being a grown up project, this could also be something fun

to make with the kids. Also, if you have a set of Christmas cookie cutters,

you could easily swap out the gingerbread man and use a tree or Christmas

light bulb cookie cutter instead. Happy Crafting!

ginger bread men jewelry with clay

This craft project was created by Katie King via Guide Central

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