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Re Usable Gift tags by Sahana Ajeethan of Guide


Air Dry Clay, Craft Tutorials, Plus Clay

ACTÍVA Products

craft project clay gift tags

ACTÍVA Products Plus Air Dry Clay in white
Rolling pin
Cookie cutter in desired shapes
Ball tool (optional)
Rhinestones (optional)
Paint pens

craft project supplies

Gather your supplies. I am using ACTÍVA Products Plus white air dry clay here,

In this guide, you will learn how to make gift tags using air dry clay, they are so

easy to make and can be customized in lot of ways to suit your taste. Paper gift

tags are often thrown away once the recipient consumes the gift . When gift tags

are made this way, they can be reused as ornaments for the next year in your

remembrance or can be even made as fridge magnets (discussed later in the guide).

This gift tag idea is suitable around the year and it is so easy and quick to make.

Let's get started.

Take a piece of clay from the package and roll it flat using a rolling pin.

rolling out the clay

Use cookie cutter to cut a shape for making gift tags. Or you can even use

blade and cut any simple geometric shape to make your gift tag.

cookie cutter out the shape in clay

As Christmas is approaching, I made few Christmas themed gift tags.

christmas shaped tags

To make it more interesting, add few rhinestones to the gift tags. Just press

them wherever you think they are appropriate. Glue is not required. Use a ball

tool to engrave your personalized message, add details like eyes and other

decorative elements. Use a straw or a small cookie cutter to make a hole on

top to string a ribbon. Allow the gift tags to dry.
decorate the clay to add sparkle

It will take a day to dry completely (depending on the thickness). String a piece

of ribbon on top and secure it with a knot.

decorative air drying clay gift tag

Here is the close up of the snowflake gift tag. If you don't have ball tool, you

can even use a toothpick or even a bobby pin to add finer details as shown here.

If you know someone who is celebrating their birthday on Christmas day, you can

also use the ball tool and engrave "Happy Birthday".

self drying clay gift tag

And use paint pens to decorate the front of the gift tags.

painting the plus clay

I also tried the image transfer technique to add more personalization to the gift tag.

To do this, just print your photo on plain copy paper using an inkjet printer. Just press

the photo on the wet clay and leave it for 20- 30 seconds and remove them. You will

get a light imprint of the image on the clay. Be sure to flip the image before printing.

You can use markers or paint pens to add any message on top once it is dry.

Add a ribbon on the back with a piece of tape so that the recipient can use them as

fridge magnets if they want to.

personalize the clay tag

Here is another close up shot of how I used the image transfer technique to make a personalized gift tag for an "Anniversary gift".

anniversary clay gift tag

If you want, you can also highlight the engraved details using marker or paint pens.

I hope you enjoyed these easy peasy reusable gift tags using ACTÍVA Products

Plus air dry clay.

This project was designed by Sahana Ajeethan of Guide