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Clay Mandalas - by Lisa Fulmer for ACTÍVA Products


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Air dry clay mandala project tutorial

Activ Air Dry Clay
Clay Roller
• Wood skewer, sanding block, circle cookie cutter
• Craft paint, paint brush
• Embroidery floss, needle
• Non-stick work surface

1. Roll out the clay using the ¼”guides and cut into a 4” circle.

clay roller kit guides

2. Place the circle of clay on a non-stick surface. I used a honeycomb

silicone hotpad – the cells of the honeycomb pattern gave room for the

skewer to go all the way through the clay when poking the holes.

clay roller kit

3. Leaving the circle flat on the work surface, poke holes through the clay with

a wood skewer. Start around the edge of the circle, then alternate the holes

inside the outer circle. Poke a slightly larger hole in the center. To help keep

the holes equi-distant, think of the circle like a clock face and poke the holes

opposite each other first – 6 and 12, 3 and 9, etc.

make holes in clay mandala

4. Allow the clay to dry for several hours or overnight. Before the clay is completely

dry (still cold to the touch), pick up the circle and carefully poke the skewer through

each hole again, to ensure a clean opening.

5. Once the clay is totally dry, gently sand the back side to smooth around the holes.

6. Paint the front and sides with 1-2 coats of your desired color. After the paint is dry,

use a small brush to paint color inside the holes if desired.

paint the self hardening clay mandala

7. Decide which hole will be at the top for hanging.
8. Thread a few feet of embroidery floss through a needle and start “stitching”

your mandala pattern from the back to the front, through the top hole. Let an 8”

length of floss stay loose in the top hole to knot into a hanging loop later.

air drying clay mandala in black

hanging the clay mandala

9. Stitch from the outer holes to the center, zig-zag around two rows of holes

around the perimeter, whip-stitch around the edge – get creative with patterns

and different colors of floss!

white activ clay mandala

white clay mandala

hanging white air drying clay mandala

10. Tie off the ends of the floss on the back as needed, then tie a loop with

the floss at the top for hanging. Glue a circle of felt or cardstock on the back to cover.

Activa air dry clay mandala

Download in PDF