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Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Valentine's Sale!
Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Valentine's Sale!

Fleur de Lis Bracelet and Pendant Using Lumina Air Dry Clay


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air dry clay tutorial bracelet

When Mardi Gras comes around you know it is sure to be lots of fun!

Celebrate Mardi Gras with a fleur de lis bracelet and necklace pendant

made out of swirled Lumina clay!

air drying clay madi gras jewelery

Materials needed:
ACTÍVA Product’s Clay Roller kit
Lumina Air Dry Clay
Cookie cutters of fleur de lis and Mardi Gras mask
Roller with fleur de lis stamp on it or a fleur de lis stamp
Elastic bead cord 1mm
50 6mm colorful beads in purple, gold and green
Dollar store Mardi Gras beads with a jump ring
Acrylic paint in purple, yellow, green and metallic gold
Paint brush
Wax paper
Purple suede
Small hole punch for suede
Needle tool to bore hole in clay
Clear fingernail polish
Utility knife
Plastic gloves for mixing acrylic paint with Lumina
Tubing or half empty paper towel roll to shape pendants
E6000 glue


Cut off four pieces of Lumina clay with the utility knife each the same size.

I used half of the block of clay and it made several pendants. With plastic

gloves on, use a q-tip to color each piece of clay by kneading the purple,

yellow and green acrylic paint into the clay.

adding color to polymer air dry clay

air drying clay colors for jewelry

Reserve a piece of the white clay to layer into the other pieces. Layer each

color and then twist the clay to swirl it.

stack the self hardening clay colors

polymer air dry clay tutorial color clay

Roll the clay out on the board using 1/8” rails with wax paper on the

bottom and the top of the clay as to not stick. Press the fleur de lis

stamp firmly into the clay.

stamp air dry clay lumina

Carefully cut around the design with an utility knife to make the bracelet pendant.

cut out the self hardening clay for jewelry shape

While you are at it, use the cookie cutters to cut out other Mardi Gras shapes.

With a needle tool make two holes in each side of the pendant so that it can be

beaded. You will need to make a hole in the top of the necklace pendant. Place

the bracelet pendant on a curved surface such as a paper towel roll to retain the

shape. Let dry overnight. Lumina clay is flexible after it has dried. This clay may

be sanded or filed to smooth rough edges if they need it. With gold acrylic paint,

paint the inside of the fleur de lis and the sides of the pendant. Let dry.

lumina clay madi gras tutorial

Brush clear nail polish over the pendant to seal and let dry. When dry, lay the

pendant over the purple suede.

how to seal polymer air dry clay

With a piece of chalk, draw around the pendant and leave a margin of ¼” or so.

Cut this out carefully.

sewing the air dry clay jewelry piece onto felt

With a tiny hole punch, punch four holes in the suede that line up with the holes

you have made in the pendant. Cut a 20” piece of the elastic cord. Pull the cord

to make sure to stretch it out before beading. Now thread through both the suede

and the pendant going through both holes

making an polymer clay jewel tutorial

Begin to bead the bracelet on one side.

beading polymer clay jewelry

When the length is right on one strand, glue the pendant to the suede.

lumina clay bracelet

Quickly thread the cord through the suede and pendant and finish beading.

Tie the two cords together with a square knot and then stretch, square knot

then stretch and finally another square knot then stretch. Put a drop of clear

nail polish to keep the ends from untying. To make a necklace, paint with gold

acrylic paint and seal with clear nail polish. Use a jump ring and wear your pendant

on dollar store Mardi Gras beads. Have fun parading around in your lovely jewelry!

dollar store beads and lumina clay tutorial

Artwork and Photography by Karen Lowrey

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