Guardian Angel Picture Frame Using LaDoll Premier Clay

la doll premier clay angel for frame

How special to have a guardian angel watching over your loved ones! Mold

and sculpt a precious face and wings with this air dry clay!

Materials needed:
LaDoll Premier air dry clay
ACTÍVA Product’s Clay Roller kit
Acrylic paint in brown, white, tan and metallic gold
Sand paper
Paint brushes including a fan brush
Mold of an angel’s face or baby face
Stamp of an angel’s wings
Burlap strip
Mod Podge
Sculpting tools
Wooden frame
Needle tool
Garlic press

air dry clay tutorial angel

Sand the wooden frame lightly to remove sharp edges. Paint the frame with

brown acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint two coats of white acrylic paint and let dry.

With sand paper, sand the frame lightly around the edges of the frame to make

it look distressed. Set aside.

frame for air drying clay tutorial

Spray angel face mold lightly with cooking spray. Using a ball of LaDoll Premier clay,

press firmly into the mold making sure that the details of the face are clear and not

distorted. Carefully pull the clay out of the mold. You might want to take dental floss

to cut the back of the head off a bit so that it might lay flat on the wings.

mold the modeling clay

modeling clay in a mold

Using the 1/8” rails of ACTÍVA Product’s clay roller kit, roll out a slab of clay.

Press angel wings stamp into the clay. Cut around the stamped clay with a needle tool.

air dry clay mold

Moisten the back of the angel head and press this on to the angel wings.

Press clay through the garlic press to make strands of hair.

self hardening clay for sculpting

Slightly moisten the head of the angel and lay strands of clay down to resemble

hair and halo. You can give your angel a nice hairdo!

sculpting with air dry clay

Using sculpting tools, smooth face and carve details into the face and wings.

Let this dry. When the clay is dry, you can sand and smooth. Paint the angel

with a tan acrylic paint. I used one called “rusted pipe”. Let dry. Glue the burlap

strip around the bottom of the frame using Mod Podge. Brush the Mod Podge

on the burlap strip to seal the edges and keep from fraying. Glue the angel in

the middle of the burlap strip using E6000.

sculpting clay air drying

Dry-brush the angel, burlap strip and edges of frame with a fan brush using

the gold metallic paint. Let dry.

self drying clay angel tutorial

Brush Mod Podge over the angel’s face to seal the clay. Let dry. Let this darling guardian angel keep watch over your loved ones!

craft project picture frame tutorial with la doll clay

Artwork and Photography by Karen Lowrey

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