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Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Valentine's Sale!
Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Valentine's Sale!

Color Me Happy Heart Pendants with Hearty Air Dry Clay


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hearty air dry clay pendants for kids

You’ve probably heard me say this a thousand times, but kids love
making jewelry. Here’s a quick idea you can play with that uses washable
markers to make colored clay.
hearty clay and materials for clay necklace
This is the crafty ingredient list. Pretty simple! Use Hearty Clay because
it doesn’t crumble and fall apart when it’s dry.
coloring self hardening clay
Grab a hunk of Hearty Clay and start coloring it with markers.
It’s a good idea to stay with markers in the same color family
(i.e. red and orange or blue and purple). It’s fun to twist and
smoosh the clay and see how the colors marbelize.
Add more color at any point–even right before you roll out for vivid results.
rolling out colored air dry clay
Place your ball of clay between plastic wrap and roll out to approximately 3/8″ thick.
cookie cutter air drying clay
Cut your shapes out–you’ll need 2 identical ones.
making an air dry clay pendant
Place a straw across the top center of the shape and dab water around the edge.
Gently press the edges together to seal.
how to dry your air dry clay pendant
Place the piece on top of a cup to dry.
apply mod podge to adhere gems to self hardening clay necklace pendant
Remove the straw. You can embellish dried Hearty Clay with all sorts
of things–paints, doodles with a marker, or gems like I am here. I like
using Mod Podge to attach the gems.
adding yarn to the kids clay pendant
Push the yarn or cording through the heart pendant. If the yarn is extra fluffy,
you may need the straw to help push it through
finished air dry clay pendant necklace for girls
Ready to wear! I love the possibilities with these bead-like pendants.
Designed by Candie Cooper

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