Armature - The Skeleton of the Structure - Create a Lamb!


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how to make an armature

Armature - The Skeleton of the Structure

Building a sculpture is easier than ever with
ACTÍVA’s wonderful line of products! My name is
Victoria Kerr and over the last eleven years, I’ve taught
myself how to sculpt using these products:
ACTIV-Wire Mesh®, Rigid Wrap®, and
(My Favorite) Celluclay®. Now I represent
ACTÍVA Products and I’m sharing what I have
learned with the world…Okay, well, some of the world…
those who love to create!


Today I’m going to talk you through building a lamb.

Material List

  • 1 – Roll ACTIV Wire Mesh®
  • 1 – Roll of 8" Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth®
  • 1 – 5 lb Package of White Celluclay Instant Papier Mache®
  • 1 – Package of Activ Tools® for Sculpting
  • 1 – Roll 1" Masking Tape
  • Waterproof Drop Cloth
  • Medium Bowl of Water
  • Medium Mixing Bowl
  • Towel and Wash Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Gloves (Safety for Working with Wire Mesh)
  • 1 Set – 18 mm Plastic Eyes
  • Small Tubes Liquid Acrylic Paints (Black, Brown, White)
  • Medium Paint Brush

materials to make an armature



Let’s begin with the shape. Lambs are fluffy, so roll up some newspaper into the shape of a fat football. Tape it so it holds the shape. Roll up another piece into a ball for the head. Tape the head onto the body to have the basic body shape.

Glove those hands and roll out the Activ-Wire Mesh®. Cut off a piece large enough to wrap around the shape and then an additional strip 6" wide to cut into the 4 legs.

make a animal

Wrap the Active-Wire Mesh® around the silly looking ball of paper and squeeze it into a lambs shape. Roll the remaining four pieces up into loose tubes to form the legs and tape them in place on the body. Trust me; they all look ridiculous at this stage, Keep Going!

how to use rigid wrap plaster cloth

Now, roll out the Rigid Wrap® and cut into strips about 4" long. Per the package directions wet and cover your entire wire armature with at least one layer. The Rigid Wrap® will set up in about twenty minutes.

You’ve done it! You’ve made an armature!

While your newly complete armature is firming up, you can mix up the Celluclay®. Mix the entire package per its instructions.

celluclay project armature

Using your hands, apply the Celluclay®, smoothing it with the palm and heel of your hand. I find it helps to keep my hands damp but not wet. I wet and wring out the washcloth and use it to wipe off my hands and tools frequently as I work.

Fatten up the tummy and build the face, ears and add the tail. Press in the eyes and use the Activ-Tools® to add character lines to the face and details to the feet. Add extra Celluclay® around the wooly area and press in the texture using the edge of a sculpting tool.

craft project to make an animal

Now let it dry. It may take as log as few days depending on the climate and amount of Celluclay® used in the lamb. If stress crakes appear while drying just fill them in with more Celluclay® and smooth them out.

When dry paint the legs and face brown, the hooves black and the tips of the wool white.

There you have it, your own LAMB!