• Modena Air Dry Polymer Clay, White, 250 g

Modena Air Dry Polymer Clay, White, 250 g

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Modena Air Dry Polymer Clay, White, 250 g

Modena is an air dry polymer resin clay, soft, smooth and flexible. A cold porcelain clay with unbelievable quality as it dries exactly like baked polymer clay, heavy and feels expensive. Dries translucent, waterproof and is virtually unbreakable. Suitable for making charms, jewelry, flowers, sweets and deco, and dolls.

- Create colors by mixing acrylic or oil paints. All paints and varnish also accepted.
- Rolls beautifully in any sleeve or pasta machine, with no stickiness or similar problems.

Modena Air Dry Polymer Clay contains high percentage of resin which makes it more likely to be affected by the surrounding temperature. Modena clays should not be stored in areas less than 32°F (0°C). Proper storage temperature range is 41-77°F (5-25°C).

This clay can be used as a replacement of Lumina clay, which has been discontinued.

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