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Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Sweetheart Deal!
Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Sweetheart Deal!

Colored Sand Crafts for the Winter Holidays


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The winter holidays will be here soon, and it's the perfect time to get crafty with your family! Make some memories this holiday season with simple colored sand craft projects that are wonderful for all ages and skill levels. Why not set up a craft table at your next family gathering and let everyone have fun making a memory they can bring home when the celebration has ended? Here are five great project ideas to get you started!

Colored Sand Christmas Candle Holder

Create a colored sand Christmas candle holder with colored sand and a wine glass! Such a fun Christmas craft for any age! #ChristmasCraft #ChristmasDecor

Layer colored sand, like our Christmas Colored Sand Bundle, and glitter in a wine glass for this fun project! Seal the bottom with cardboard and a decorative accent, like a snowflake ornament, and you'll have a colorful candle holder that will deck your halls in no time!

Star of David Colored Sand Craft

Create a Star of David ornament for Hanukkah with colored sand and glue! #HanukkahCrafts #Hanukkah

Use White Scenic Sand colored sand and Dark Blue Scenic Sand colored sand mixed with glue on popsicle sticks to create a special Star of David ornament! Kids will love making this simple project.

Kwanzaa Colored Sand Art Board & Candle Holder

Create a colored sand art board for Kwanzaa with this easy project for all ages. This Kwanzaa craft project is a great way to teach kids about this special holiday.

It's easy to create special colored sand art for Kwanzaa with our Adhesive Boards and Scenic Sand colored sand in Bright Red, Yellow, Black and Light Green! Use a craft knife to cut shapes or letters in the film layer of the adhesive board, or paint designs and letters onto the board. Then, sprinkle Scenic Sand colored sand onto the adhesive board and create any colors and patterns you like!

Colored Sand Christmas Jar Candle Holder

Fill a mason jar with colored sand to make a pretty candle holder for Christmas!

This foolproof project is the easiest way to use colored sand for crafting! Fill a Christmas glass with our Christmas Colored Sand Bundle and glitter, add a taper candle, and tie some jingle bells around the rim for a festive look!

Colored Sand Hanukkah Wall Art

Create pretty Hanukkah wall art with colored sand and blank adhesive boards.

Transform our blank Adhesive Boards into beautiful and festive wall art with Scenic Sand Colored Sand in white and dark blue! Paint letters onto the board and then sprinkle colored sand in any pattern you like!

No matter what holidays you celebrate, the memories made during these special times can last a lifetime. Add something special to your celebrations this year with handcrafted touches and make-able memories.

Shop our online store for all of your colored sand and adhesive board needs. Happy holidays and happy crafting!

Create handmade memories this holiday season with fun colored sand craft projects that are wonderful for all ages! #holidaycrafts #kwanzaa #hanukkah #christmascrafts