Dried Flowers and Colored Sand Centerpiece


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Project by Audrey Lozano for ACTÍVA Products.

Preserve those special flowers forever! This easy project will allow you to design a centerpiece for your living room, dinner party, or wedding with natural flowers and colored sand!

Create a beautiful centerpiece with dried flowers and colored sand.  This dried flowers centerpiece is an affordable way to add color and beauty to your home, party, or wedding decor!


Use these supplies to create beautiful dried flower art.


STEP ONE: Read and follow the instructions in the package of ACTÍVA Flower Drying Art :

1.1 Pour the Flower Drying Art silica gel into the container to a depth of 1 ½" to cover the bottom. Cut flower stems to about 1 ½". Place flowers face up on the surface of the Flower Drying Art. Space the flowers so they do not touch each other.

Learn how to easily dry flowers with ACTIVA's Flower Drying Art product.

1.2 With a spoon slowly sprinkle more Flower Drying Art around the base of the flowers, adding it to the top and sides of the flowers. Be careful to support fragile petals with the Flower Drying Art before covering the top of the blossom. Make sure all parts of the flowers are covered with a generous layer of Flower Drying Art.

Add more Flower Drying Art to the bowl.

1.3 Leave the container uncovered and place in the microwave (in a microwave dish) with a glass of water, and heat on medium power in one minute increments until the flowers are dry. (See chart in the box of Flower Drying Art for more information.)

Place the flowers in the microwave to speed the drying process.

STEP TWO: Prepare the glass vase or container by sprinkling Scenic Sand in the color of your choice into it. We suggest about 1 inch or more.

Add Scenic Sand colored sand to the vase or container.

STEP THREE: Take the container out of the microwave. To remove the flowers, slowly pour out the Flower Drying Art product until the blossoms are uncovered. Gently shake away any Flower Drying Art that may remain on the petals. A few grains of Flower Drying Art may be left in the center of heavy flowers to aid in protecting them from room humidity.

STEP FOUR: Place the flowers on top of the Scenic Sand in the glass container.

Add the flowers to the glass container.

Decorate as shown in the photos, or get as creative as you want! The possibilities are endless!

Create a beautiful piece of decor for your home with dried flowers and colored sand.  This dried flowers project is easy to make!

A dollar store glass bowl filled with colored sand and dried flowers makes a great DIY wedding centerpiece!

Make a dried flower and colored sand centerpiece for your home or party decor!

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