Spotlight On Plus Air Dry Clay

Plus air dry clay is so versatile you can create so many art and craft projects with it! Plus clay can be used for sculpting, making pendants and imprinting. It is available in Black, Terracotta and White.

leaf imprinted air dry clay dish air drying clay pendant bird art lesson plan grade 5-12 sculpture

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ACTÍVA, specializes in providing a wide range of Arts and Craft Supplies to Artists, Crafters and Educators. Whether you are looking for instant paper mache clay for sculpting or Air Dry Clay to model or mold we have everything you need. ACTÍVA also provides materials for drying flowers and beautifully colored sand for a variety of uses. Our Blackjack clay is perfect for pottery projects. All ACTÍVA Products are safe to use as they are all Wheat and Gluten Free, Non-Toxic & Noncarcinogenic. Thank you for shopping at ACTÍVA. Please browse our unique, top quality CRAFT SUPPLIES.