Ghost Hand Emerging from Picture Frame (A Halloween Project with CelluClay)


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Elementary school art teacher Jill N. used CelluClay to create this spook-tacular 3D ghost hand for Halloween! About her project, Jill said, "Halloween is the most inspiring holiday to me when it comes to creating art. I have been really loving the textured effects of ACTÍVA's CelluClay. I've been working with it for over a year and had the idea to create a ghost hand coming out of a picture frame. I thought the texture would work just right. It turned out better than I imagined. The [CelluClay] held up really well for the fingers. It sticks so well to foil, which I used for an armature."

Elementary art teacher Jill N. used CelluClay to create this 3D Ghost Hand for Halloween!

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Create a 3D ghost hand for Halloween with CelluClay paper clay!