Honey Bear Clay Lesson Plan {With Activ-Low Fire Clay}


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Lesson plan by Ruthie Post of Little Budding Artist.

Students will have so much fun learning about kiln fire clay techniques while making adorable "honey bears" in all shapes and sizes! This lesson plan uses Activ-Low Fire Clay (formerly known as Blackjack Low Fire Clay), and allows students to experience the magic of clay!

This free art lesson plan shows you how to create honey bear kiln fire clay teddy bears with your students! This is a great intro to clay lesson plan for elementary and middle school students.

Download the comprehensive lesson plan here.

Make this honey bear project with your class and share your photos with us on Instagram!

In this free art lesson plan, learn how to create adorable honey bear clay pieces with your students! This intro to kiln fire clay lesson is wonderful for elementary students. Get the free art lesson plan on our website.