How to Make Art Display Pedestals with CelluClay Instant Paper Mache


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Project by Ruthie Post of Little Budding Artist

Every piece of art needs a beautiful display, and what's better than a display that is also a work of art? In this lesson plan, you and your students will learn to create beautiful art display pedestals by constructing an armature and using CelluClay instant paper mache for a beautiful finish!

Learn to make your own art display pedestals with this project tutorial! These DIY pedestals made with wood and CelluClay instant paper mache will add a sophisticated touch to any art project display!

Download the comprehensive lesson plan here.

Shop for CelluClay in our online store in small and bulk sizes! It's available in both white and gray finishes, and is totally non-toxic and air drying. It's the perfect sculpting material for the art room. Create your own art display pedestal with an armature and CelluClay instant paper mache!