How to Make Art Display Pedestals with CelluClay Instant Paper Mache


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Project by Ruthie Post of Little Budding Artist

Every piece of art needs a beautiful display, and what's better than a display that is also a work of art? In this lesson plan, you and your students will learn to create beautiful art display pedestals by constructing an armature and using CelluClay instant paper mache for a beautiful finish!

Learn to make your own art display pedestals with this project tutorial! These DIY pedestals made with wood and CelluClay instant paper mache will add a sophisticated touch to any art project display!

Download the comprehensive lesson plan here.

Shop for CelluClay in our online store in small and bulk sizes! It's available in a white finish, and is totally non-toxic and air drying. It's the perfect sculpting material for the art room. Create your own art display pedestal with an armature and CelluClay instant paper mache!