Just Peachy Vases


Craft Tutorials, Celluclay, Li-Qua-Che

ACTÍVA Products

Materials Needed:

  • Activa CelluClay
  • Water
  • Zip top bag
  • Recycled plastic small size water bottle
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Recycled cardboard tube
  • Sandpaper
  • Activa Li-Qua-Che
  • Thick bristled brush
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush

Step 1

Prepare the CelluClay

Mix the CelluClay according to package directions.

Add 32oz. of warm water to 1 lb. of CelluClay mixing in a zip top bag.

Knead with fingers until the CelluClay reaches the consistency of clay or stiff dough with no dry spots.

Add more dry CelluClay if mixture is too wet or soft, and more water if CelluClay if too dry or stiff.

Remove the Celluclay from bag when done mixing.

Step 2


Use a recycled small plastic water bottle for the body of the vase.



Fold a pipe cleaner in half and twist together. Bend the pipe cleaner into a letter U.
Bend the edges of the U flat to create a hinge.

Use masking tape to secure the handles onto the bottle.
Cover the pipe cleaner handles with masking tape.

Long Neck

Tape a paper tube on top of the bottle opening. Cut to the desired height.

Step 3


Cover the armature with a coat of the CelluClay.

Smooth out any bumps in the CelluClay with wet fingertips.

Apply several coats of CelluClay as needed. Allowing the individual coats to dry in between layers.

Step 4


Allow the sculpture to air dry. Humidity levels will impact drying time.

The CelluClay will lighten in color and become harder as it is drying.

The CelluClay will feel room temperature when dry and have a bright white color appearance.

Step 5


Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough areas or bumps on the sculpture’s surface.

Paint a thick coat of Li-Qua-Che over the CelluClay bottle form.

Step 6


Use acrylic paint to paint the sculpture.