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ACTÍVA Products

Supplies Needed:

Step 1


Set out mold for casting.

Step 2

Prepare the Li-Qua-Ché

Thin down the liquid maché using 1 part water to 2 parts mache’ in a mixing cup.

Mix well.

Step 3


Pour liquid maché into the plaster mold.

Gently shake mold back and forth to release any trapped air bubbles in the liquid.

*NOTE: Extra Li-Qua-Ché may be poured back into its original container for future use.

Step 4


Allow the liquid maché to fully dry. Drying time will vary dependent upon room temperature.

As the liquid maché dries it will pull away from the sides of the mold and develop a hard crust on the edges of the form.

Step 5

Casting Removal

Gently lift out the dried maché castings from the mold.

Step 6


Smooth out any rough edges on the castings using a fine sandpaper.

Step 7


Paint castings the desired colors using acrylic paints.