Lazy Lizards


Kiln Fire Clay, Low Fire Clay

ACTÍVA Products

Supplies Needed:

  • Blackjack Low Fire Clay
  • Activ - Clay Tool Set
  • Needle Point Tool
  • Water Bowl
  • Glass Lizard Eyes
  • Sponge
  • Brush
  • Glaze
  • All Purpose Adhesive

Step 1


Roll a long cylinder shape. Leave one end thick and roll the other end thinner. Round off both ends of the form.

Curve the clay into an S.

Step 2


Roll a long cylinder out of clay. Cut the cylinder into 4 even leg pieces.

Gently press down one end of each cylinder with fingertip.

Score one end of each cylinder using the notched end of the tool.

Score the areas on the body where the legs will be attached.

Spread slip over the scored clay pieces and attach them to the body form.

Smooth legs onto the body with a wet fingertip.

Step 3


Gently push down the ends of each leg cylinder with fingertip.

Step 4


Bend the legs upward so the body lifts off the table top.

Step 5


Indent lines on each foot to mark the toes.

Use a fine needle point to shape the ends of the toes.

Step 6


Gently pull on the head cylinder form un till it is slightly pointed. Smooth out the tip with a damp sponge.

Step 7


Slice the tip of the head in half to create the lizard’s mouth.

Step 8


Indent 2 holes into the end of the head form to create the lizard’s nostrils.

Step 9


Insert the glass eyes into the lizard’s head.

Step 10


Allow the clay to dry. It is considered fully dry when it is no longer cool to the touch.
*NOTE: The clay lizard can be molded around a rock for a finished pose display.

Step 11

Bisque Fire

Gently remove the lizard’s glass eyes and set them aside.
*NOTE: Eyes are not kiln safe.
Once clay is in a greenware state it can be bisque fired in the kiln.

Step 12


Paint the lizard using desired glaze colors. Re-fire glazed lizard in the kiln following recommended glaze directions.

Step 13


Use adhesive to glue the glass eyes into the indentions made into the clay in the earlier step.