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Mice Are Nice - Tic Tac Toe Board Game


Kiln Fire Clay

ACTÍVA Products

Supplies Needed:

Step 1

Game Board Pattern

Draw out a 6” x 6” square on a piece of foam board.
Then divide that square into nine smaller 3” squares.

Cut out the 6” square.

Step 2

Game Board Slab

Roll an even 1/2” slab of clay.

Lay the foam square pattern upside down on top of the clay slab. Roll over the pattern firmly with the rolling pin.

Cut around the clay foam pattern.

Remove the access clay from around the foam pattern.

Smooth out the rough edges of the clay with a damp sponge.

Step 3

Game Pieces


Form a thick patty of clay.

Cut the circle shape into 6 slices. Discard one of the pieces. Each player needs only 5 game pieces each.

Indent each piece with a ball stylus tool to create holes in the cheese.



Roll an egg form out of clay.


Roll an egg form out of clay.

Score and slip the tiny spheres onto the larger egg form.
*Slip is liquid clay used to join pieces of clay together.

Indent the ball stylus tool into each ear.


Poke 2 tiny holes below the ears to create the mouse’s eyes.

Roll a tiny sphere of clay for the nose. Score and slip it onto the clay face below the mouse’s eyes.

Draw in a mouth with a pointed tool.


Roll a thin cylinder of clay.

Score and slip it onto the rear of the mouse’s body. Curve it into a spiral and press it securely down onto the mouse’s body. This will help it to not break off as the clay dries and game piece is played with.


Repeat the above steps to create 4 more mice game pieces.

Step 4


Allow the clay to dry to a bone dry state.
*Bone Dry / Greenware is clay where as much water as possible has evaporated out of the piece. If you hold it to your cheek it will seem dry instead of cold and damp. It is at this stage that clay pieces can be fired in the kiln.

Step 5


Apply underglaze to the greenware pieces.

Step 6

Bisque Fire

Place greenware pieces in the kiln and fire to cone 04.

Step 7


Apply a clear coat of glaze over the under-glazed sculptures.

Step 8

Glaze Fire

Place glazed pieces in the kiln and fire to glaze specific directions.

Step 9


How To Play

There are two players. Each player chooses a set of game pieces.

First player places one of their game pieces in one of the squares.

Second player puts their game piece in a square.

Continue taking turns. Whoever gets three of their game pieces in a row (horizontally, diagonally or vertical) first wins the game.

If all nine square are filled with no one having three in a row it’s a draw so play again.