Our Best Tips & Tricks for Mixing CelluClay Instant Paper Mache


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CelluClay instant paper mache is a unique ACTÍVA product that is loved by many! Its ease of use (just mix with water and let it air dry), strength, durability, and versatility are just some of the characteristics that make it so popular.

Whether you're just getting started with CelluClay or you're an old pro, these tips and tricks for mixing it should help you out!

These tips and tricks for mixing CelluClay instant paper mache will help you enjoy working with CelluClay!

  1. Mixing - if possible, mix CelluClay in a sealed bag (like a Ziploc), to prevent dust from spreading. Add approximately one part water to five parts CelluClay.
  2. Water - warm water mixes CelluClay faster.
  3. Consistency - if your CelluClay mixture is too dry, add more water sparingly. If your CelluClay mixture is too soft, add more dry CelluClay, a little bit at a time. CelluClay should feel like clay or stiff dough when ready to use.
  4. Stickiness - if the stickiness of CelluClay is bothersome to you, mix in a small amount of clear liquid dish soap to help cut the stickiness.
  5. Large Quantities - When mixing large amounts of CelluClay for classes or prop making, seal water and CelluClay in plastic eight hours before using. Then, a little kneading will be required to get the CelluClay ready to use.
  6. Storage of Unused CelluClay - CelluClay that is mixed and kept in a sealed plastic bag will keep at room temperature for several days, and in a refrigerator for up to one week.

Let us know if you have any CelluClay mixing tips of your own to add! And, don't forget to check out our Sculpture Projects Gallery for CelluClay project ideas!

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CelluClay instant paper mache is an incredible product, but it's even better when you have these tips and tricks for mixing CelluClay properly! Find out all of our secrets in this post! #CelluClay #papermache #paperclay