Pretty Planters


Craft Tutorials, Kiln Fire Clay, Low Fire Clay

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Materials Needed:

Step 1

Clay Slabs

Roll three 1/4” slabs of clays using a rolling pin and measuring sticks.
Two long slabs and one wide slab.

Smooth any imperfections in the clay with a clay rib.

Step 2

Textured Pattern

Firmly press down and roll the textured roller into one of the long slabs of clay.

Step 3

Planter Parts

Use the patterns as a guide to cut out the planter’s wall, base, and foot ring.

Trace around each pattern using the needle tool to cut out the shapes.

Remove the excess clay from around patterns.

Step 4


Use the clay bevel cutter tool to slice a right angle on both ends of the rectangle clay slabs.
Cutting once on the front of the slab followed by the back.

Step 5


Score the ends of each rectangle clay slab using the rough cut blade tool.

Add clay slip over the score lines and join the ends of the clay slab together.

Smooth over the adjoining seam with the clay tool.

Score the edges of the clay circle.

Cover the score lines with clay slip.

Place the clay circle inside the large textured clay cylinder.

Fill the clay cylinder with a large sponge, crumpled paper towels, or cardboard tube to help hold it’s shape.

Turn the clay cylinder upside down. Join the two pieces of clay together with the sculpture tool and smooth the seam with fingertip.

Step 6

Foot Ring

Score one edge of the smaller clay cylinder.

Cover the score lines with clay slip.

Attach the foot ring to the bottom of the planter form.

Join both pieces of clay together using the clay tool.

Step 7


Turn the planter right side up. Smooth the rim with a damp sponge.

Step 8


Allow the clay to dry becoming; Greenware.

Step 9

Bisque Firing

Fire the Greenware planter in the kiln to an 04 bisque fire.

Step 10


Apply glaze to the bisque-ware planter according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Step 11

Glaze Firing

Fire the glazed planter in the kiln.
(Refer to the manufacture’s directions on the glaze bottle for the correct firing temperature.)

Step 12


Add dirt, rocks, and the plant to the planter.

Mayco glazes used in this project: