Don't Worry! It's No Prob-llama to Sculpt an Air Dry Clay Llama!


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Project by Ruth Post of Little Budding Artist.

Sorry for the bad pun, but your students will find that it's truly no probl-llama to create their own air dry clay llamas with Activ-Clay air dry clay! These engaging air dry clay lesson plans teach students about clay basics, texture, and more!

Make these adorable air dry clay llamas! Use Activ-Clay air dry clay to create this wonderful project.

Using Activ-Clay air dry clay will allow students to gain experience with clay, and no kiln is needed! Teachers love this durable air dry clay because it's cost-effective for the classroom, very durable, and has low shrinkage when drying. It's available in both white and terracotta colors.

Students may also use the Activ-Tools: Clay Roller Kit, which enables them to get a smooth surface for their clay. Alternatively, rolling pins or other rolling surfaces can be used. The brand new Activ-Tools: Geometric Clay Cutters Set and Activ-Tools: Clay Tools Set allow students to create embellishments for their air dry clay llamas!

Download your copies of these air dry clay llama lesson plans here.

And, if you prefer a more three-dimensional llama project, download this version of the lesson plan!

This llama lesson also uses Activ-Clay air dry clay, so you can be sure to get the best results.

Sculpt a 3D llama sculpture with Activ-Clay air dry clay!

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