Mod Vase />

Mod Vase

made with Blackjack Low Fire Earthenware Clay
Puppy Love />

Puppy Love

made with PLUS Air Dry Clay
Garden Flowers />

Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers made with Activ-Low Fire Clay
Odd Octopus />

Odd Octopus

Make some Odd Octopus with Activa Plus Clay
Beautiful Butterfly Magnets />

Beautiful Butterfly Magnets

Make these Cute Magnets with Activ-Clay!
Robots />


Learn how to create some cute robots with Activa's Plus Clay!
Polar Bears />

Polar Bears

Make this simple project with Activa Extra White Plus Clay
Gingerbread Houses />

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses originated in Germany during the 16th century. The elaborate cookie-walled houses, decorated with shiny foil, became associated with Christmas tradition.
Evergreen Trees />

Evergreen Trees

Make your own Christmas decorations with Activa PLUS Clay
Sweet Scarecrow />

Sweet Scarecrow

Make this cute little Scarecrow with ACTIVA White Plus Clay!
Egyptian Style Figurines />

Egyptian Style Figurines

Shawabti The civilization of ancient Egypt began over 5,000 years ago. The Egyptians believed that if the right steps were taken, the dead could survive in another world.
Magical Mermaids />

Magical Mermaids

Create this simple project with ACTÍVA® White Plus Clay.
Cute Whale using Activ-Tools />

Cute Whale using Activ-Tools

Missing the waves this summer? Enjoy playing with clay while creating this cute decorative whale, let your imagination take you to a trip to the sea!
Lovely Indoor Head Planter />

Lovely Indoor Head Planter

Creating this gorgeous indoor planter allows you to play with one of our most popular products, CelluClay!
Kind Kittens />

Kind Kittens

Make these cute Kind Kittens with Activ-Tools and Air Dry Clay!
Cute Container />

Cute Container

Create these simple Cute Containers with Lumina Air Dry Polymer Clay
Flower Crowns />

Flower Crowns

Create beautiful Crowns Crowns using Flower Drying Art Silica Gel
DIY Cactus Jewelry Holder using Activ-Clay />

DIY Cactus Jewelry Holder using Activ-Clay

This cute cactus will cleverly hold your rings and other jewelry!
Serene Swan />

Serene Swan

made with Extra White PLUS Clay
Air Dry Clay Flower Pots Craft />

Air Dry Clay Flower Pots Craft

You know what they say - "April showers bring May flowers." Well here at ACTÍVA, we say don't wait for May - make your own flowers! This air dry clay flower pots craft is the perfect way to do that, and it's a great clay craft project for all ages! Supplies Needed for This Air Dry Clay Flower Pots Craft Activ-Clay air
Don't Worry! It's No Prob-llama to Sculpt an Air Dry Clay Llama! />

Don't Worry! It's No Prob-llama to Sculpt an Air Dry Clay Llama!

Sorry for the bad pun, but your students will find that it's truly no probl-llama to create their own air dry clay llamas with Activ-Clay air dry clay! This engaging air dry clay lesson plan teaches students about clay basics, texture, and more!
Sculpt an Air Dry Clay Sloth! />

Sculpt an Air Dry Clay Sloth!

Although sloths move slowly in nature, sculpting an air dry clay sloth with Activ-Clay air dry clay won't take long at all! This lesson plan is a perfect intermediate level clay lesson that can be completed in one or two class periods!