Puppy Love


Air Dry Clay, Craft Tutorials, Activ-Tools, Plus Clay

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Materials Needed:

Step 1


Roll a large cone form out of clay.

Step 2


Roll a sphere form out of clay.

Score and slip the sphere onto the body form.

*Scoring is scratching the edges of clay before joining them together.
*Slip is liquid clay used to join pieces of clay together like glue.

Step 3


Roll a small sphere out of clay and flatten it into a circle shape.

Score and slip it onto the head form.


Step 4


Roll two cylinders out of clay.

Score and slip the cylinders onto the front of the body form.

Smooth the top of the cylinders down onto the body form.
Allow the bottom of the cylinders to slightly hang off the body form.

Roll two additional cylinders out of clay and attach them to the side of the body form.

Step 5


Round off the ends of each cylinder leg.
Gently press down the end of each leg to form a foot. Indent lines into each dog paw.

Step 6

Eyes, Nose & Mouth

Attach two tiny spheres onto the face to make the eyes.
Add a small sphere onto the snout for the dog’s nose.
Use the pointed tool to indent in the mouth.

Step 7


Make the ears long or short, big or small, go up or go down.

Step 8


Roll a thin cylinder out of clay for the dog’s tail.
Score and slip it onto the rear of the dog’s body.

Step 9


The dog’s body can be left smooth or texture can be added using the pointed tool to suggest fur.

Step 10


Allow the clay sculpture to dry.

Step 11


Use the neutral colored acrylic or ceramic paints to color the sculpture.
The neutral colors are white, black, brown, and gray.

Step 12


Cut a triangle shape of fabric and tie it around the dog’s neck to create a bandana.