Precious Panda


Air Dry Clay

ACTÍVA Products

Step 1


Roll a large sphere for the body of the Panda bear.

Step 2


Roll a thick coil of clay, and join the ends together to form the letter o. Score and slip it onto the top of the body form.

Step 3


Roll 2 thick coils of clay. Bend one of the coils to form the letter U. Score and slip it onto the bottom of the body form.

Smooth the legs onto the bottom of the body form using the sculpture tool.

Bend the ends of each leg upward to shape the bear’s feet.

Divide the second coil into two parts. Score and slip each part onto the side of the body near the neck ring shape.

Round the ends of the coils.

Step 4


Roll a large sphere out of clay that is the same size as the one used for the bear’s body. Score and slip the sphere onto the top of the o ring on the body form.

Step 5


Roll a small sphere out of clay. Flatten it to form a circle shape. Score and slip the shape onto the front of the head to form the bear’s muzzle.

Roll a tiny sphere and attach it onto the top of the muzzle to form the bear’s nose.

Indent a mouth using a pointed tool.

Roll two tiny spheres. Then roll each one back and forth to form an oval shape. Attach them to the face above the muzzle and slightly flatten them down.

Indent the beads into each eye shape.

Step 6


Roll to small spheres out of clay. Attach the spheres to the top of the head. Slightly squeeze each one. Indent each one with a ball stylus tool.

Step 7


Draw two lines into each of the bear’s legs to create the paws.

Step 8


Roll a small sphere out of clay and attach it to the back side of the body.

Step 9


Allow the clay to dry for 24 hours before painting. As the clay dries it will gradually become whiter and whiter. It is considered fully dry when it is no longer cool to the touch.

Step 10


Paint the ears, nose, eyes, and legs using black paint. Leave the rest of the sculpture its natural bright white clay body color. Paint a coat of gloss acrylic varnish over the entire sculpture.