Smiley Snail

Materials Needed:

Step 1

Pinch Pots

Form a pinch pot.

How to make a pinch pot:
1. Push thumb into the center of the clay sphere.

2. Push thumb into the center of the clay sphere.

3. Pinch the clay with thumb and forefinger starting at the bottom and turning as you go.

4. Stop pinching when the pot is wide enough.

Step 2

Muscular Foot

Score the rim of each pinch pot.
Roll a thick cylinder of clay.

Place the cylinder under the pinch pot. Bend one end up for the snail’s head and cut of the excess clay.

Score and slip the two pieces together.

*NOTE: *Scoring is scratching the edges of clay pieces before joining them together.
Slip is liquid clay used to join pieces of clay together like glue.

Round off the edges of the cylinder using wet fingertips. One end for the snail’s head and the other for the foot.

Step 3


Slice the top of the cylinder used for the head part way down the middle and round the two ends to form the snail’s stalks.

Step 4


Draw on a face using the pointed tool.
*Eyes can be drawn on the snail’s stalks or down more on the head.

Step 5


Carve a spiral line into the sides of the pinch pot.

Step 6


Allow clay to fully dry. Drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity.

The clay will get lighter in color as it dries.

Step 7

Bisque Fire

Fire clay in kiln to cone 04. The clay will fire to a bright white.

Step 8


Apply glaze according to manufacturer’s directions.

Step 9

Glaze Fire

Fire the glazed piece in the kiln. Follow manufacturer’s firing guidelines.

Melted paraffin wax and a wick can be added to turn the snail pot into a candle.