Kind Kittens

Kind Kittens

Kind Kittens

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

Preparing the Clay


  • 1 large cylinder
  • 1 small cylinder coil
  • 3 small spheres
Kind Kittens

Step 2:


Slightly round up the top of the cylinder.

Kind Kittens

Step 3:


Attach two small spheres onto the top of the head by scoring and slipping. Pinch the spheres to make them slightly pointed.

Kind Kittens

Step 4:


Press a finger tip into the clay to indent the eyes.

Kind Kittens

Step 5:


Roll the small sphere into a cone and attach by scoring and slipping it between the eyes on the head of the cat.

Kind Kittens

Kind Kittens

Step 6:


Use the pointed tool to draw on the mouth.

Kind Kittens

Step 7:


Indent the flat tool into the bottom of the cylinder horizontally and then vertically like the letter T.

Kind Kittens

Indent the toes with the flat tool.

Kind Kittens

Step 8:


Attach the small cylinder by scoring and slipping it to the back of the body. Smooth one end onto the bottom and round off the other end. The tail piece of clay is thinner than the body and will air dry faster. To avoid the tail from falling off, press it close to the body rather than hanging off.

Kind Kittens

Step 9:


Kittens are young cats. Cats have between one and nine kittens in a litter. To create the kittens, repeat the same steps used to create the cat only scale down the size of the parts. Make them all the same size or vary the sizes.

Kind Kittens

Step 10:


Allow the clay to dry for 24 hours before painting.

Step 11:


Use neutral colors to paint the cat. The neutral colors are white, black, gray and brown. Some cats are solid colored and others are multi-colored. Some cats have lines or shapes of colors on their fur coats. Kittens in the same litter can look very different. That’s because cats carry dominant and recessive genes, like blue eyes or short hair, which can result in a variety of kittens with different eye colors and fur lengths. Paint the kittens the same as the cat or make them all look different.

Kind Kittens

Step 12:


Use some ribbon and a rhinestone to create a collar.

Kind Kittens