Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers

Materials Needed:

Step 1:


Roll a 1/4” slab of clay using the Clay Roller Kit.

Garden Flowers

Step 2:


Add a texture to the clay using one of the Designer Texture Sheets.

Garden Flowers

Step 3:


Cut out desired flower shapes.

Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers

Step 4:


Drape flower shape over a small bowl.

Garden Flowers

Remove from the bowl when the clay is slightly stiff.

Garden Flowers

Step 5:


Roll a second 1/4” slab of clay. Gently press a flower designed rubber stamp into the clay to make an impression.

Garden Flowers

Use another shape cutter to cut out each flower impression.

Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers

Step 6:


Score and slip the center of the flowers to the petal backgrounds.

Garden Flowers

Step 7:

Stem Slot

Roll a small sphere out of clay. Insert the sphere into the top of a pencil. Gently flatten the sphere on the table top. Score and slip the flattened sphere onto the back of the flower shape. Remove the pencil.

Garden Flowers

Step 8:


Roll another 1/4” slab of clay. Press the leaf rubber stamps into the clay.

Garden Flowers

Cut out the leaves using the geometric or designer clay cutter shapes.

Garden Flowers

Step 9:


Completely dry out the clay.

Step 10:

Kiln Fire

Bisque fire the clay to cone 04.

Step 11:


Apply glaze to the bisque-ware. Re-fire clay according to the glaze’s firing specifications - cone 05-06.

Garden Flowers

Step 12:


Glue brass rods inside of the clay stem slots. Glue leaves onto the stems.

Garden Flowers

Step 13:


Insert flowers directly into the garden soil or arrange flowers in a pot.

Garden Flowers