Top Five Tips for Working With InstaMold Temporary Mold-Making Compound


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InstaMold is a unique product that creates flexible, temporary molds of almost any object, and that works with almost any casting compound to create perfect reproductions of those objects. In order to get the best results with InstaMold, we recommend reading our InstaMold Product Instructions carefully, and following some of our best tips for InstaMold success!

Tip 1: Cast With The Correct Materials

InstaMold works well with most casting mediums. ArtPlaster and PermaStone, which are liquid casting compounds, pair perfectly with InstaMold. (You can even purchase InstaMold and PermaStone together in a convenient Quick-Casting Kit!)

Other casting compounds that work well with InstaMold include wax, resin, and slip ceramic.

We do not recommend using InstaMold to create reproductions with air dry clay, however. The pressure required to press the air dry clay into the InstaMold will likely ruin the mold, and fine detail is unlikely to be achieved.

Using the correct casting items with InstaMold will result in perfect reproductions of objects.

Tip 2: Protect Your Objects

If you're reproducing a porous object, such as an item made with plaster or clay, make sure to protect it before placing it into InstaMold! We recommend coating such objects with plastic sprays, a surfacing solution, or Vaseline prior to putting them in InstaMold. InstaMold will then peel off such objects without a trace.

Tip 3: Tap, Tap, Tap

Don't forget to gently tap the container of InstaMold once the object being reproduced is placed inside. This will help release any air bubbles in the mixture and help the material settle - resulting in a better mold.

Tip 4: Be Patient

Once an object has been placed into InstaMold, do not remove it until the InstaMold is fully set. Be patient. Moving or removing an object too soon will blur the impression and result in a mold that does not create the best quality castings.

Check out tips and tricks for working with InstaMold temporary mold making compound. Use it to create perfect replicas of almost any object.

Tip 5: Be Gentle

If care is used in removing a casted object from an InstaMold mold, and a new casting compound (such as ArtPlaster or PermaStone) is poured in shortly thereafter, the mold can be re-used. As time goes on, a mold made with InstaMold will dry out, shrink, and become deformed. Thus, later castings will not be of as high of quality. Using a fresh mold is better, and taking care when removing objects from InstaMold will enable you to use the mold multiple times.

Of course, this is not possible with all molds. Deeper molds that require InstaMold to be torn to extricate the castings will not be reusable.

Carefully remove objects from InstaMold so that the mold can be re-used.

We hope these tips for working with InstaMold are helpful! Let us know if you have any tips of your own to add!

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InstaMold is a temporary mold-making compound that lets you make perfect reproductions of almost any object! Get our best tips and tricks for using InstaMold in this blog post! #moldmaking #instamold #casting