Goofy Garden Gnomes />

Goofy Garden Gnomes

made with Blackjack Low-Fire Clay
Starfish Bangles />

Starfish Bangles

made with Permastone
Buzzing Bees />

Buzzing Bees

made with Premier Clay
Friendly Frogs />

Friendly Frogs

made with Activ-Clay White Air Dry Clay
Flower Frames />

Flower Frames

made with Flower Drying Art Silica Gel
Valentine's Casting />

Valentine's Casting

with ArtPlaster and Li-qua-che
Frame Casting />

Frame Casting

made with PermaStone
Heart Bowl />

Heart Bowl

made with Li-Qua-Ché
Kid’s Critters />

Kid’s Critters

made with Li-Qua-Ché
Sweet Succulents />

Sweet Succulents

made with Li-Qua-Che
Locks and Keys />

Locks and Keys

made with Li-Qua-Che
Kitchen Colander />

Kitchen Colander

Kitchen Colander made with Blackjack Clay
Wash Water Cup />

Wash Water Cup

made with Blackjack Clay Natural Kiln Fire Stoneware
Artist Spotlight: John Post />

Artist Spotlight: John Post

John is a retired public school art teacher who is currently working as a potter in Sedona, Arizona. He creates functional pottery as well as sculptural works.
Artist Spotlight: Audrey Gallegos-Lozano />

Artist Spotlight: Audrey Gallegos-Lozano

Audrey is an artist, digital creator, craft specialist, and customer care specialist for ACTÍVA Products since September 2017.
Artist Spotlight: Ruth Post />

Artist Spotlight: Ruth Post

Ruth has taught the very young to the young at heart how to put their heart into their art. She has brought the joy of working with clay to thousands of children and adults over her 35-year career of being an art teacher.
Casting with Li-qua-ché />

Casting with Li-qua-ché

See how it's made on Tiktok!
Nesting Bowls />

Nesting Bowls

made with CelluClay