Goofy Garden Gnomes />

Goofy Garden Gnomes

made with Blackjack Low-Fire Clay
Starfish Bangles />

Starfish Bangles

made with Permastone
Buzzing Bees />

Buzzing Bees

made with Premier Clay
Friendly Frogs />

Friendly Frogs

made with Activ-Clay White Air Dry Clay
Flower Frames />

Flower Frames

made with Flower Drying Art Silica Gel
Frame Casting />

Frame Casting

made with PermaStone
Piggy Pals />

Piggy Pals

made with Activa FastMache
Goofy Ghosts />

Goofy Ghosts

made with Extra White PLUS Clay
Faceted Bowl />

Faceted Bowl

made with Activ-Low Fire Clay
Garden Flowers />

Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers made with Activ-Low Fire Clay
Odd Octopus />

Odd Octopus

Make some Odd Octopus with Activa Plus Clay
Beautiful Butterfly Magnets />

Beautiful Butterfly Magnets

Make these Cute Magnets with Activ-Clay!
Fancy Flamingos />

Fancy Flamingos

Fancy Flamingos made with Premier Clay
Face Vase />

Face Vase

Made with CelluClay.
Cute Valentine’s Canvases - CelluClay />

Cute Valentine’s Canvases - CelluClay

CelluClay is a unique instant paper mache that mixes easily, molds quickly, and is virtually limitless in its applications.
Shadow Box with Roses />

Shadow Box with Roses

Don’t throw away your beautiful bouquets! Turn them into unique decorative projects for you and your family. Flower Drying Art keeps the natural beauty of fresh flowers while preserving them for years to come!
Robots />


Learn how to create some cute robots with Activa's Plus Clay!
Pet Paw Print Shadow Box />

Pet Paw Print Shadow Box

Capture your pet’s unique paw print to create a meaningful keepsake with Hearty Clay!
Polar Bears />

Polar Bears

Make this simple project with Activa Extra White Plus Clay
Gingerbread Houses />

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses originated in Germany during the 16th century. The elaborate cookie-walled houses, decorated with shiny foil, became associated with Christmas tradition.
Mexican Folk Art Hearts />

Mexican Folk Art Hearts

You will enjoy making these beautiful hand painted recycled cans hearts! very popular in Mexican culture these sacred hearts are a symbol of faith, spirituality and devotion. It’s a perfect gift for family and friends during the holiday season.
Evergreen Trees />

Evergreen Trees

Make your own Christmas decorations with Activa PLUS Clay
Sweet Scarecrow />

Sweet Scarecrow

Make this cute little Scarecrow with ACTIVA White Plus Clay!